Luis Felipe Camargo is a Brazilian illustrator known for his vibrant and imaginative artworks that captivate audiences worldwide. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Luis Felipe's passion for art blossomed at a young age, fueled by the diverse cultural tapestry of his surroundings.
After completing his formal education in Fine Arts, Luis Felipe embarked on a journey to explore various mediums and styles, honing his craft through experimentation and dedication. His distinctive artistic voice emerged from a fusion of influences, blending elements of traditional Brazilian art, contemporary illustration, and surrealism.
Luis Felipe's illustrations are characterized by their dynamic compositions, rich colors, and intricate detailing, inviting viewers into whimsical and surreal worlds teeming with life and imagination. Whether he is illustrating fantastical creatures, mythical landscapes, or everyday scenes infused with magic, his work exudes a sense of wonder and possibility.
Over the years, Luis Felipe has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including publishing houses, advertising agencies, and media outlets, bringing his unique vision to projects across various industries. His illustrations have graced book covers, editorial spreads, advertising campaigns, and more, earning him recognition for his versatility and creativity.
In addition to his commercial endeavors, Luis Felipe is also passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring aspiring artists. He frequently conducts workshops and lectures, sharing insights into his creative process and offering guidance to emerging talents.
As he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, Luis Felipe Camargo remains committed to exploring new horizons and pushing the limits of his imagination, enchanting audiences with his artistry and leaving an indelible mark on the world of illustration.

Victor Magazine(brazil) | Oct 2019
Cartolamag Cover(brazil) | Sept 2019
EZATAMAG (brazil) | Sept 2019
Pornceptual (germany) | Jun 2019
Baraja El Cabritón (Brazil) | Oct 2017
Zupi Magazine (Brazil) | Dic 2016
Cover Chico Xavier’s Biography (Brazil) | Oct 2016
Cover Brasil Observer (UK) | #39 June 2016
Magazine Antonia (Spain) | Apr 2016
Magazine The Cultural (Spain) | Apr 2016
Magazine Superinteressante (Brazil) | Apr 2016
IdeaFixa - O Contador de Histórias (Brazil) | Jul 2014
Art for Freedom Madonna (USA) | May and Jun 2014
Site La belle du Jour (Brazil) | Jun 2013
Site BlckdMnds (Brazil) | Apr 2013
Site Das Bancas (Brazil) | Mar 2013
Site Nada Errado (Brazil) | Feb 2013
Exostis Magazine (Greece) | Feb 2013 Cover
Ideafixa Online magazine (Brazil) | Jan 2013
Umbigo Magazine (Portugal) | Jun 2012
Gloss Magazine (Brazil) | Dec 2011
Ideafixa online magazine (Brazil) | Feb 2011
YO Magazine (Brazil) | Jun 2010
Site Finíssimo (Brazil) | May 2010
Site Finíssimo (Brazil) | Jun 2009
OnSpeed online magazine (Brazil) | May 2009
Criativa Magazine # 230 (Brazil) | Jun 2008
Site Ponnei (Brazil) | Aug 2007
Site Ponnei (Brazil) | Nov 2006
Site ArtCanal (Brazil) | Jun 2006


SAV21 (Brazil) | Sep 2021
PixelShow (Brazil) | Dec 2019 - Stand Canson BR
Musa - Colectivo Paloma Negra (Spain) | Apr 2018 - Bacanal
Hybrid Fair (Spain) | Feb 2018 - Art Fair parallel to ARCO
Wonder Woman (Spain) | Mar 2017 - Bacanal 
Brasil Observer (UK) | Dec 2016 - Embassy of Brasil in London
Nós Cegos. ArtBio.org | Oct 2015 - part of scientific gathering about diversity
Paper Manifest. Gallery Casa Sinlogo | May 2015 - partnership Canson Artistic papers
Expressão Mínima: rastros e lastros | Jan to Mar 2015 - Cis Guanabara
In>Conto | Nov 2014 to Jan 2015 - Urban Arts Gallery
Terra e Fogo | Apr to May 2014 - CIS Guanabara and Unicamp Convention Center
#Collective idea | Apr 2013
Oh My Dog! | Nov 2012
Cozinha Efêmera | Oct 2012
Around the World | Sep 2012
Novo Moda | Mar 2010
Pop Up Gallery | Mar 2010
Contest UNIQLO (Japan) | Jun 2009
Gallery Casa da Xiclet | Apr 2007
Gallery Casa da Xiclet | Nov 2006
Gallery Casa da Xiclet | Jul 2006
Feminino Vestimenta - Gallery UNESP | Nov 2006
Contemporary Art Saloon of São Paulo | May and  Jun 2006


Matraca Gallery (Málaga) | Jun - Jul 2017
About Men and Monsters - Casa do Brasil, Brussels - Belgium | Nov and Dec 2013

Brazil, Belgium, Germany, France, USA, Portugal, Spain.

Special Mention of the Jury - Contemporary Art Saloon of São Paulo - 2006

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